Types of DDA Contracts

Community Guide and Engagement

Help individuals connect to communities through:

  • Skill development
  • Positive relationships
  • Integrated activities, organizations, and groups.

Provider Qualifications

  • Contracted individuals or agencies
  • Knowledge of community organizations, informal clubs, community projects, local government resources, etc.

Sample Contract

1724XP: Community Guide and Engagement Services - Statement of Work

Environmental Accessibility Adaptations

Help individuals and/or caregivers access their home better, through:

  • Changes to the physical structure of the home
  • Changes to the outside of the home

Provider Qualifications

Contractors - projects requiring installation

  • Registered per Chapter 18.27 RCW
  • Contracted with DDA
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured to perform the work they are providing

Contractors - projects that do not require installation

  • Retail vendor with a valid business license
  • Contracted with DDA to provide this service

Sample Contracts

Medical Services: Skilled Nursing

Help individuals with skilled nursing services not paid for by other forms of insurance (private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid state plan, or any other liable third party payer).  Services may be long-term, intermittent, or hourly.

Provider Qualifications

  • Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse acting within the scope of the standards of nursing conduct per Chapter 246-700 WAC
  • Contracted with DDA to provide the service

Sample Contract

Medical Services: Occupational Therapy / Speech, Hearing, and Language Services / Physical Therapy (Extended)

Help individuals continue receiving therapy services when Medicaid state plan benefits have been exhausted.

Provider Qualifications

  • Certified, registered, or licensed therapists as required by law
  • Contracted with DDA for the therapy they are providing

Sample Contracts

Peer Mentoring

Help individuals or family members through:

  • Mentoring
  • Sharing personal experiences to provide support
  • Sharing information about local community resources
  • Exploring other supports

Provider Qualifications

  • Organization, such as a self-advocacy or parent organization, that provides peer support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families

Sample Contract

1715XP: Peer Mentoring - Statement of Work

Person Centered Plan Facilitation

Help form life plans that are centered on the person.

Provider Qualifications

  • Education: (1) High school diploma or GED plus three years of experience working with people who have developmental disabilities; or (2) A bachelor’s degree or higher in social services will substitute for one year of experience
  • Proof of Person-Centered Plan Facilitator Training completion
  • Three letters of recommendation (one from a current Person-Centered Plan Facilitator)
  • Documented skills with regard to community resources, developing relationships, and facilitating meetings
  • For more specific qualification information, contact a regional office and ask to speak with the resource developer.

Sample Contract

1805XP: Person-Centered Plan Facilitation - Statement of Work


Help individuals and families by providing short-term relief.

Provider Requirements

One to One (1:1) Respite

  • Agency and independent providers contacted to provide personal care services may also be contracted to provide respite care
  • More information can be found on the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration website
  • For more information, contact a regional office and ask to speak with the contracts staff

Respite in Community Settings

  • Licensed, registered, and certified as required by law
  • Maintain a website that includes the following information:
    • Number of service hours being provided in your program, including dates and start/end times
    • Activities that will occur during the program, and a published fee schedule

The DDA Respite and Community Settings contract was updated in 2019.  Learn more about the Respite in Community Settings Contract update. (PDF)

Sample Contract

Purchasing Goods and Services

Provider Qualifications

  • Current Washington State Business License or a valid explanation of why the person is exempt from registering the business with the state of Washington.
  • The Contractor and any employees of the Contractor must maintain all necessary license registration and certification as required by State statues or regulations.
  • Contractors who provide purchasing and payment services must use a financial business account (i.e. credit cards or checks) to make purchases on behalf of Clients which will be reimbursed. Contractors’ personal financial accounts may not be used.
  • Contractors who provide transportation services must meet the following qualifications:
  1. Operate and maintain the transportation vehicles in a manner consistent with protecting and promoting the Client health and welfare.
  2. Have a current, active driver’s license, or employ drivers who have current drivers’ licenses, appropriate to the operation of the vehicle(s) utilized in the transport of Clients.
  3. Have applicable Business Automobile Liability Insurance as described in this Contract before providing transportation.

Sample Contract

1853XP: Purchasing Goods and Services - Statement of Work

Specialized Equipment and Supplies

Provider Qualifications

  • Business engaged in the provision of specialized equipment and supplies
  • Contracts located in Washington state must have a Universal Business Identifier and Master Business License, issued by the Department of Revenue
  • Out-of-state contractors must have a Universal Business Identifier and Master Business License only when it is required by Washington law

Sample Contract

1062XP: Specialized Equipment and Supplies - Statement of Work

Specialized Goods and Services

Therapeutic Equipment and Supplies

  • Equipment and supplies necessary to implement a behavioral support plan or other therapeutic plan, designed by an appropriate professional.  Other plans could include a sensory integration or communication therapy plan
  • Examples: weighted blanket, supplies that assist to calm or redirect the participant to a constructive activity, or a vestibular swing

Specialized Clothing

  • Nonrestrictive clothing adapted to the participant's individual needs and related to his/her disability
  • Examples:  weighted clothing, clothing designed for tactile defensiveness, specialized footwear, or reinforced clothing

Vehicle Modifications

  • Adaptations or alterations to a vehicle required to fit the needs of the participant to:
    • Engage with their community
    • Ensure the health, welfare, and safety of themselves and caregivers  

Provider Qualifications

  • Legal business entity legitimately engaged in the provision of specialized equipment and supplies.
  • Contracts located in Washington state must have a Universal Business Identifier and Master Business License, as issued by the Department of Revenue.
  • Out of state contractors must possess a Universal Business Identifier and Master Business License only when Washington state law requires it.

Sample Contract

1798XP: Specialized Goods and Services - Statement of Work

Supported Parenting

Help support participants who are parents or expectant parents through teaching, parent coaching and other supportive strategies in areas critical to parenting, including:

  • Child development
  • Childcare
  • Household management
  • Housing
  • Money management
  • Nutrition and health
  • Safety
  • Time management

Provider Qualifications

  • An advocacy organization or a licensed, registered, and/or certified professional as outlined in WAC 388-845-2135.
  • Have an understanding of individual learning styles related to child development and family dynamics.

Sample Contract

Staff/Family Consultation and Training

Help families or direct service providers to better meet the needs of the waiver participant. Provide consultation and training as outlined in the Person Centered Service Plan.

Provider Qualifications

  • Licensed, registered, and/or certified professional as outlined in WAC 388-845-2005

Sample Contract

1786XP: Staff/Family Consultation and Training - Statement of Work

Chemical Extermination of Bedbugs

Help exterminate bed bugs from a participant’s home.

Provider Qualifications

  • Licensed under Chapter 17.21 RCW, Washington Pesticide Application Act, to provide pest management services.

Sample Contract

1851XP: Chemical Extermination of Bedbugs - Statement of Work