Child Study & Treatment Center Recreation Therapy Services

Recreational Therapy

The Recreation Therapy Program is designed to help the children improve their self esteem and to promote their independent leisure functioning. This is accomplished through the teaching of leisure skills, improving physical fitness and improving social functioning. Activities specifically provided by the recreation therapists are designed to meet these objectives. The recreation therapist is a member of the treatment team who helps each patient explore a wide variety of healthy and enjoyable activities.

The recreation therapist, and the recreation department team, teach by example and participation and help youth learn and practice skills like planning, problem-solving, playing. The team also teaches self-confidence building through activities like kayaking, skiing and snowboarding, ropes course, fishing, hiking and camping, acting, ceramics, doll making, drum making, song writing, poetry, storytelling, rock climbing and much more.

The recreation department also serves as a training position for a few select undergraduate recreation students each year. They work closely with our therapists and become a part of the staff while they are here. The department also includes a variety of work student students throughout the year as well as numerous volunteers. Recreation is one of the biggest departments at CSTC. 

For questions about the program, please contact the recreation therapy supervisor at (253) 756-2504