Community Resources

Welcome to a resource page for BHA patients, residents, families, friends and the general community.  We know that people living with behavioral health conditions can benefit from additional resources from health care to housing, and from financial support to legal assistance.  If you have recommendations for other helpful resources we could share on this page, please contact us at  We also encourage people to use recovery-oriented language to center people rather than their behavioral health.

Links below to non-DSHS sites are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement, express or implied, by DSHS/BHA, of the referenced organizations, their suitability, content, products, services, or accuracy.  As a general policy, BHA does not publish personal websites or websites of commercial ventures. 


ALTSA resources


Behavioral health support

*Also see support groups/peer support


BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities support


Crisis phone lines


Developmental disabilities resources


Disability support


Discharge resources


Domestic violence resources 


DSHS social media


Financial support


Food resources


Health care (other than Medicaid)




Identification cards


Involuntary commitment


Job assistance


Legal resources

*See power of attorney, guardianship, & advanced directives for these resources                


LGBTQIA+ resources


Medicaid (Apple Health)



  • BH-MCOs contacts by county  (responsible for supporting medications)

  • Access to medications post-discharge

  • Emergency refills:  Emergency refills at emergency departments let you get a limited quantity of certain medications while your insurance plan processes your regular refill request. This option is usually only available when a delay could result in emergency care, hospital admission, or a serious threat to your health or others in contact with you.

  • Get help paying for medications not covered by your plan

  • Medicare Part D  (medication coverage)

  • Washington Drug Card  (discounts on medications)


Patient advocacy and ombuds offices


Power of attorney, guardianship, & advanced directives


Reentry resources


Substance use support


Support groups/ peer support




Tribal services


Veteran resources


Voter information


Youth resources

*See Health Care (other than Medicaid) section for youth health resources

*See Behavioral Health Support section for youth behavioral health treatment resources


Books of firsthand mental health experiences

  • An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison

  • Brain on Fire by Susanna Cahalan