Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solutions is a statewide program within the Division of Child Support (DCS) aimed at helping parents toward stability.

DCS understands the great value of a parent’s role in our communities and within their families. While most parents pay their child support, others may face barriers to meeting their financial responsibility. We realize that life can be hard and everyone needs help from time to time. Alternative Solutions acts as a bridge between parents and community services; working with people dealing with joblessness, housing needs, legal assistance, medical needs, or being newly released from jail or prison. The Alternative Solutions Program connects parents with government and community organizations to increase their ability to get a job and be financially stable. With a database of over 4,500 community resources in the state, we can connect you to the services you need.

When you take part in the Alternative Solutions Program, you will work with your caseworker to create an action plan that could:

  • Work with local partners that can help with finding a job, training, housing, food, medical, and legal resources.
  • Help lower your child support payment or state-owed debt.
  • Help with license suspension and other case actions.
  • Help you understand the child support process and paperwork you get.

To learn more about our program, read our brochures for community partners and parents. If you think that you, or someone you are working with, may be a good fit for our program, email us at or give us a call at 360-664-5028 or 1-800-604-1146.