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Mandatory Lump Sum Reporting- Effective July 23, 2023

(House Bill 1262), employers are required to report lump sum payments for employees with a garnishment order that includes a payment for arrears. Reporting to the Division of Child Support must be done before the lump sum is paid out to the employee. Please see Withholding from Bonuses and Lump-Sum Payments  for more information and instructions on how to report. 

Reporting employee terminations and layoffs

Due to current circumstances, we realize that many businesses may be forced to lay off or terminate employees. If your business has been withholding and sending in child support payments for employees, please let us know when payments will stop due to terminations or layoffs. Please provide the name and phone number of your business, the employee names, case Identifiers or SSNs, dates of termination and dates of last pay. Reporting can be done using the following methods:

  • Call the Employer Relations Team at 800-562-0479 (Voicemail is available after hours and on weekends.)
  • Mail the information to:

Division of Child Support

PO Box 11520

Tacoma, WA 98411.


Most employers must pay electronically as of January 1, 2019.

The law applies to employers or businesses that receive Income Withholding Orders from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Child Support and meets at least one of the following:

  • Has 10 or more employees or contractors OR

  • Has less than 10 employees but receives an order for more than one employee OR

  • Uses a payroll processing company OR

  • Required to file and pay taxes electronically to the Department of Revenue

To make it easier, pay online or choose other options. The law includes exemptions or waivers for those who qualify. Call the Electronic Fund Transfer unit at 1-800-468-7422contact phone 1 with questions or help choosing and setting up payments. 

Helping families and children

Employers play a big part in helping over 350,000 children receive child support services. As a key partner in the Washington state child support program, you do your part when you follow state and federal law in reporting new hires, withhold income, send payments to us, and enroll children into healthcare plans. Sign up for free webinars or check out our Employer Guide to learn more. By working together, we continue to improve the lives of children. Thank you.

If you need general help with your small business, check out the small business guide and other information at Business.Wa.Gov.


Call 1-800-562-0479 Employer Relations Team or email  dcs-ert@dshs.wa.gov with child support questions.