ESA Strategic Plan


ESA transforms lives by empowering individuals and families to thrive. We serve many clients who live on the margins of society. Although most are not receiving a cash grant, they may be relying on food assistance, work-related support services, assistance with child support or medical coverage. A family crisis or change in the economy, even a small one, can force these families into situations requiring assistance, whether it’s the full support of a cash grant, help with child support or temporary assistance to avoid losing housing.

ESA’s agency-wide strategic plan addresses priorities for all of DSHS, and sets measurable objectives and goals. Using data, we monitor our progress to ensure DSHS serves our clients to the best of our ability within our funding. Every DSHS employee contributes to the mission of transforming lives by addressing the priorities and accomplishing the objectives within our agency-wide strategic plan. Each objective supports five broad goals for DSHS: public trust, health, protection, quality of life and safety.

Read the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan.