Reports and Publications

The Economic Services Administration regularly reports the results of our research.

ESA Briefing Book

The Briefing Book is your reference guide to our programs, client demographics, caseloads, and expenditures. The book highlights information for each State Fiscal Year (SFY), the period of July through June, and provides you with some historical data as well.

Cash, Food and Medical Households by Primary Language

This report provides the state, regional, and CSO totals for the number of unique head of household members and the number of unique clients receiving cash, food, or medical benefits, broken down by the clients' primary language. A new report will be posted every month (Please note there is a three month lag in data.)

Client (ACES) Letters

DSHS (ACES) sends letters to our clients when there is important information about the clients’ food, cash, or medical benefits. It is critical for the clients to read these letters and follow the instructions as needed. Here is some information about our 10 most frequently sent letters.

Program One-pagers

ESA COVID-19 Response

ESA Overview of Programs and Services Table

ESA CSD Tribal Relations One Pager

ESA Domestic Violence One Pager

ESA TANF One Pager

ESA Refugee Cash and Medical Assistance One Pager

ESA Refugee Immigrant Assistance

ESA Program Integrity and Fraud Prevention One Pager

ESA Employment and Training One Pager

ESA Division of Disability Determination Services One Pager

ESA DCS Tribal Relations One Pager

ESA DCS One Pager

ESA CSD Basic Food One Pager

ESA Aged, Blind and Disabled Program One Pager

ESA Poverty Reduction One-Pager

Consolidated PDF of All ESA One-Pagers