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New Cards for DCS Cardholders

Beginning in late May 2017, most customers enrolled in the DCS Card program received a new US Bank DCS Card called the ReliaCard.   If you currently have a Bank of America DCS Card, payments posted to your case(s) through May 31, 2017 were sent to your Bank of America card.  Payments posted to DCS case(s) on or after June 1, 2017 were deposited to your new US Bank DCS card.  Funds will not transfer from the Bank of America card to the new US Bank Card. Please do not discard your Bank of America card until you have used all the funds available on that card.

If you have a Bank of America DCS Card and did not receive the new US Bank DCS Card, please contact DCS to make sure your address is up to date in our system and request to be enrolled in the new card program.

For questions regarding the transition, please call 800-468-7422.

Are you struggling to pay child support?

DCS would like to connect you to our Alternative Solutions program designed to help parents who are having trouble making payments. Program specialists work with parents who are ready to identify and work on barriers to child support. Find out more about how the program worked for one parent in this video.

Child support should change as your family's circumstances change. Find out how to change a child support order.

Another easy way to pay your child support, you can now use your debit or credit card.


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We help parents contribute to brighter futures for their children through collection and disbursement of child support.