Washington Connection Community Partnership Program

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1. Washington Connection will be down for maintenance during the Memorial Day weekend:  

May 27 (6:00 PM) - May 30 (5:00 AM).

2. New and Improved Community Partnership Training

For the past four years, Washington Connection (WaCon) Community Partnership trainings have been offered to community-based organizations and active partnering agencies on a monthly basis.  These trainings were highly recommended to any interested partner staff, but were not mandatory. 

With recent partner interactions, it became advisable to revise the training material.  With that, we are releasing a new and improved training which promises to enhance the knowledge and skills needed to be successful at managing the Washington Connection Data Share Agreement and Partner Account. 

Who should attend the new and improved training?  Assisting Agency Contract signors and the primary service delivery site (Supervisor) Subject Matter Expert for both Assisting Agencies and Host Organizations are required to attend the new and improved training.

Who is the Subject Matter Expert (SME)?  A SME is the primary DSHS contact (Supervisor) for the service delivery site(s).  The SME will be responsible for maintaining the Partner Account and training agency staff by using the material and knowledge gained from the training.

Why does the WaCon Contract signor need to attend?  The contract signor must attend the training to fully understand the obligations of the contract’s terms and conditions, and contract monitoring requirements.  The signor will also work with the SME to ensure the partner agencies infrastructure is designed to sustain employee transitions.

Is the training mandatory?  Yes, this training is mandatory for all Assisting Agency Contract signors and service delivery site (Supervisor) Subject Matter Experts.

When are the trainings?  The new mandatory training will be provided by WebEx in June and September.

How do I register?  First ask yourself - are you the contract signor or the primary contact (Supervisor) for your service delivery site(s) and is my site a Host Organization or an Assisting Agency?  If you don’t know, call your Consultant.  Use the Consultant contact list to email your intention to attend.  The email should contain:  your full name, email address, phone number; Organization name, service delivery site name, and address; Indicate whether your site is a Host or Assisting partner, and select the date you wish to attend.

A confirmation email will be returned to you with the WebEx call-in information.

Assisting Agency Training Dates & Times

Host Organization Training Dates & Times

June 7, 2016 at 1:30pm – 5

June 7, 2016 at 10am – 11:30

June 9, 2016 at 9am – 12:30

June 9, 2016 at 2pm – 3:30

September 20, 2016 at 9am – 12:30

September 20, 2016 at 2pm – 3:30

September 21, 2016 at 1:30pm – 5

September 21, 2016 at 10am – 11:30



Upcoming Events

FREE Washington Connection Community Partnership Trainings

Date City Contact
New schedule will be developed soon  










To register for one of the above trainings or receive additional information please contact your Regional Consultant by clicking on the name adjacent to the training date.  Please see the  Regional Map to identify your consultant.


Region Regional Consultant Name/E-Mail Phone
1- Eastern Washington Francesca.Naccarato@dshs.wa.gov 509-249-6477
2- North Anh.Ong@dshs.wa.gov 206-934-7449
3- South and West Alec.Brian@dshs.wa.gov 253-476-7040




Are you a Paid Basic Food Contractor and have questions?  Please contact:
Bonnie Clark, Basic Food Education and Assistance (Outreach) Program Manager at Bonnie.Clark@dshs.wa.gov

Community Partnership Forum/Webinar | Date TBD

Contact the Program Manager, Stephanie Hill at Stephanie.Hill@dshs.wa.gov  to learn more or be placed on the webinar announcement distribution list.

Partnership in Focus

Are you a Washington Connection Community Partner?  Does your organization have an inspiring community story  or an upcoming event to share?   Would you like to share your short story here?  Please contact Stephanie Hill at (360) 725-4666 or Stephanie.Hill@dshs.wa.gov  for more information.

Are you a Community-based Organization wishing to provide additional services to your customers?

You are invited to join Washington Connection where people can easily and securely learn about and apply for a broad array of services and benefits online such as:  food, cash, and medical assistance; child care subsidies; long-term care services and support; and drug and alcohol treatment.  Washington Connection also provides contact information and links to other services that require a different application process.

Being a partner, you will: periodically receive updated information related to services or features   supported by Washington Connection, have a local contact for your questions, have the opportunity to attend community partnership meetings, network with other organizations, and provide feedback about Washington Connection.  You may also receive technical assistance and marketing materials as needed.

There are two partnership levels that describe the investment you would make to help applicants.

Service Level 1:

Host Organization (assist with one or more of the following functions)

  • Display posters and printed marketing materials about Washington Connection
  • Provide applicants with access to a computer with an icon to Washington Connection on the desktop
  • Provide applicants with assistance in answering questions about the Washington Connection website

Service Level 2:

Assisting Agency

  • Display posters and printed marketing materials about Washington Connection
  • Provide applicants with assistance in completing and submitting the online application (To protect the confidentiality of client information, Assisting Agencies will be required to fill out a Data Share Agreement and Non-Disclosure forms.)

In addition to choosing a service level, your organization must select the type of access you are able to provide:

  • Limited Access   Your address will not be published.  (Provide access toWashington Connection to your customers only.)
  • Public Access   Your address will be published. (Provide access to Washington Connection to the general public.)

To join, simply go to the Washington Connection  site, look for Register as a Community Partner under the "Community partner resources" navigation panel.



Stephanie Hill,
Community Partnership Program Manager

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