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The Division of Child Support helps children and families through a variety of services, some that may surprise you.

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What the Division of Child Support can do for you        

What the Division of Child Support can do for you 

How to enroll for child support                                       

How to enroll for child support payments

My child support payment       

How payments are processed

 Why my child support payment isn't   

Why my child support payment isn't what I thought it would be                                   

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Annual fee will increase for some parents.

Due to federal requirements, the Division of Child Support will be increasing its annual fee for services from $25 to $35 on Oct. 1, 2019. This fee only applies if the custodian (the person receiving child support) has never received public assistance.  The fee is only collected after we have sent at least $550 to the custodian on the case and it is taken out of child support payments made by the paying parent.  If you received a letter about this change, please do not send us money.  If you have other questions about this change, please contact your Support Enforcement Officer or call 1-800-442-KIDS (5437)