BHA Office of the Patient Rights Ombuds


What is the BHA Office of the Patient Rights Ombuds?

The ombuds monitors and works to ensure compliance of the Behavioral Health Administration with relevant statutes, rules and policies regarding the civil rights of patients at Child Study and Treatment Center, Eastern State Hospital, and Western State Hospital.  The ombuds investigates complaints related to patients' rights and conducts independent, neutral reviews of program conformance with internal policies as they relate to patient rights.  The ombuds also identifies systemic issues and makes recommendations for change or improvement.

What is the difference between the BHA Ombuds and patient advocates?

The Office of the Patient Rights Ombuds is an independent and impartial reviewer of incidences and policy compliance working to ensure the protection of patient civil rights.  The ombuds does not have oversight from the hospital, but rather reports to the BHA Assistant Secretary.  The patient advocate is a hospital employee who works with patients to address day-to-day concerns and to ensure the patients have the most comfortable stay possible.

How do I contact the BHA Office of the Patient Rights Ombuds?

You may use the BHA Ombuds - Online Complaint Form, or send your written request to:

Office of the Patient Rights Ombuds

General: Darrin Hall,, 253-691-5293

CSTC: Darrin Hall

ESH: Dawn Leach,, 360-706-3904

WSH: Michelle Frasu,, 360-819-0867

Ombuds email: