Special Commitment Center Ombuds

What is the SCC Ombuds?

The Special Commitment Center Ombuds conducts independent, neutral reviews of program conformance with internal policies in the care, control and treatment of residents at the SCC.

The Ombuds investigates complaints related to residents’ health, safety, welfare and rights.

The Ombuds identifies systemic issues and makes recommendations for change or improvement.

The Ombuds monitors and ensures compliance of the SCC with relevant statutes, rules and policies regarding the treatment of residents in the care and control of this facility.

See WAC 388-881-030 for more information on the SCC Ombuds service.


How do I contact the SCC Ombuds?

You may use the Ombuds Complaint form, or send your written request to:

SCC Ombuds
1115 S Washington Street
MS  45115
Olympia WA 98504-5153

Phone: (253) 719-4257
Email: SCCOmbuds@dshs.wa.gov

Fill out the SCC Ombuds Complaint form online


SCC Ombuds Reports

This space will be updated to include links to publically available reports filed by the SCC Ombuds. 


SCC Ombuds- Online Complaint Form

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. If you have questions, please contact the SCC Ombuds by phone at (253) 719-4257 or by email at SCCOmbuds@dshs.wa.gov.

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