Special Commitment Center Ombuds

The Special Commitment Center Ombudsperson, as explained in WAC 388-881-030, has the role of protecting the guaranteed rights of people living at the Special Commitment Center. The Ombudsperson's responsibilities also cover individuals on less restrictive alternatives across the state of Washington. The Ombudsperson is not employed directly by SCC. Instead, they report to the Office of Justice and Civil Rights, Advocacy and Community Relations program.

Our Service

The SCC Ombudsperson serves as external oversight to SCC operations and assists in identifying problems that affect the treatment, care, and control of SCC residents/detainees. We work with DSHS SCC staff and residents to find solutions to those problems.

Our responsibility is to complete unbiased evaluations of complaints to ensure the Special Commitment Center is following the right rules, laws, and decisions in caring for the residents. We assist in mediating and finding solutions for problems to reduce the likelihood of harmful events.

Our Clients

Special Commitment Center residents and staff.

Pierce and King County Secure Community Transition Facility residents and staff.

Individuals on LRAs.

Outside agencies that serve individuals on LRAs.

Client Rights

Special Commitment Center residents’ rights: WAC 388-880-050

Individuals on less restrictive alternatives rights: WAC 246-341-0805.

Contact Information

To contact the Ombudsperson, please use one of the methods below. You will receive a response within 3-7 business days. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 911 or local emergency services.

Advocacy and Community Relations

Email: SCCAdvocacy@dshs.wa.gov

Phone Number: (253) 617-6299 or (253) 278-7840

Mailing Address:

1115 S. Washington Street M.S. 45115

Olympia, WA 98504-5153