Information for Visitors

The SCC is a secure facility. It carefully oversees its visiting program to ensure the safety of visitors and residents.

All visitors must be pre-approved. The chief executive officer or designee has final authority over visiting decisions, waivers and exceptions. Visitors must clear federal and state background checks.

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Visits from Professionals

If you are a medical or other professional wishing to visit the SCC, please contact the Legal Liaison Office at (253) 589-6237 or 6203.

If you are a member of the media wishing to visit the SCC, please contact the DSHS Office of Communications at (360) 902-0265.

You will receive a letter letting you know if you have been approved or not.

Visits from Family and Friends

Visits are intended to foster appropriate relationships between a resident and family and/or friends. Each resident is limited to 20 approved personal visitors, with a maximum of four visitors at one time. Prospective visitors must contact the resident they wish to see and the resident may request a visitor packet be sent to the prospective visitor. The packet includes an application that must be completely filled out and returned to the Chief of Secure Residential Operations or designee, who will notify the requestor when the application has been approved or denied

The SCC generally does not allow visits from:

  • Former Special Commitment Center staff
  • Former residents
  • Residents on Less Restrictive Alternatives
  • People convicted of a felony, or
  • People who are not cleared through a National Crimes Information Center background check.

How to arrange a visit. When you are notified that your application is approved, you may contact the resident you will be visiting to arrange a visit. The resident is responsible to coordinate the visit. If you have special concerns or questions, you may contact the Visiting Supervisor at (253) 588-5281 ext. 0089.

Medical emergency visits. Prior authorization is required for visits to a resident during off-island hospitalization. If an major medical emergency arises, the SCC Chaplain makes initial contact with the family.

Family Emergency. If you are a family member of a SCC resident and would like to leave a message regarding a family emergency, please call (253) 617-6301.

My application to visit the SCC was denied. What can I do?

  • An application may be denied because the applicant:
    • Failed to provide all required information or documents.
    • Had an outstanding arrest warrant.
    • Provided false information.
    • Has been convicted of a felony or is currently under DOC supervision.
    • Is a former resident of the SCC.
    • Is a current or former employee of the SCC.
    • Has a restraining order that could be violated of the visit were approved.
    • Is a minor and not an immediate family member, adopted child or ward of the resident.
    • Is listed as a visitor for another resident.
    • Has been determined to be a risk to the resident’s effective treatment.
    • Was a victim of the resident.
    • May represent a risk to SCC residents and/or staff.

How may I appeal a denial?

  • Provide complete, correct information to the CEO within 30 days of the denial.
  • Only the CEO or designee can agree to a waiver.

I want to give some money to the resident I visit, what can I do?

Residents may not have money in their possession, but they may have money placed in their personal accounts. You may send a money order or check payable to the resident to:

Resident name

Special Commitment Center

P.O. Box 88600

Steilacoom, WA 98338