Laws and Rules

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Chapter 388-855 - Liability for costs of care and hospitalization of the mentally ill.

Chapter 388-865 - Community Mental Health and Involuntary Treatment Programs

Chapter 388-875 - Criminally insane person committed to the care of the department of social and health services -- Evaluation, placement, care and discharge.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Chapter 10.77 RCW - Provides for the commitment of persons found incompetent to stand trial or acquitted of a crime by reason of insanity.

Chapter 71.05 RCW - Provides for persons suffering from mental disorders to be involuntarily committed for treatment and sets forth that procedures and services be integrated with Chapter 71.24 RCW.

Chapter 71.24 RCW - Establishes community mental health programs through county-based regional support networks that operate systems of care.

Chapter 71.32 RCW - Establishes that validly executed mental health advance directives are to be respected by agents, guardians, and other surrogate decision makers, health care providers, professional persons, and health care facilities.

Chapter 71.34 RCW - Establishes mental health services for minors, protects minors against needless hospitalization, enables treatment decisions to be made with sound professional judgment, and ensures minors’ parents/guardians are given an opportunity to participate in treatment decisions.

Chapter 72.23 RCW - Establishes Eastern and Western psychiatric state hospitals for the admission of voluntary patients.

Chapter 74.09 RCW - Establishes medical services, including behavioral health care, for recipients of federal Medicaid as well as general assistance and alcohol and drug addiction services.


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