Our Library

The Western State Hospital Library is a branch of the Washington State Library, which is a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.  The library provides current magazines, literature, film/documentaries and music to patients and staff at the hospital.  The library’s collection supports the hospital’s mission by providing a variety of mental health and recovery-related materials in various formats.  In addition, the collection provides comfort and leisure through music and movies.
The library provides outreach service to all patients and staff through the campus mail system, as well as providing an on-site library open Monday-Friday.  The library’s collection specializes in literature and documentaries regarding mental illnesses, health, nutrition, substance abuse, self-advocacy and recovery.  The library offers interlibrary loan services to patient and staff as part of our participation in a nation free reciprocal interlibrary loan agreement.


If you would like more information about the library, please contact Kathleen Benoun, Library Associate at Kathleen.benoun@sos.wa.gov or Laura Sherbo, MLS, Program Manager at Laura.sherbo@sos.wa.gov