Lakeland Village

Lakeland VillageLakeland Village is a state operated 24-hour facility that provides all facets of training, education and healthcare for approximately 210 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Originally established in 1914, the facility is now certified for 93 Nursing Facility beds and 190 Intermediate Care Facility beds for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. The facility's purpose is to provide appropriate, comprehensive, functional assessments, individualized plans of care, quality services that meet individual needs, honor human and legal rights, and promote independence and self-management in personalized home-like environments.

People who receive services at Lakeland Village have a wide range of needs, from profound physical and mental challenges to co-occurring conditions, such as intellectual disabilities and mental illness. The Nursing Facility provides support through nursing, attendant counselor nursing assistant certified staff (NAC), occupational and physical therapy, and recreational leisure activities. The ICF/IID provides active treatment through habilitation programming in residential, vocational, recreational/leisure therapy, and behavior support modalities as well as medical and nursing services and therapies. The facility also provides short term respite services for eligible persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Lakeland Village residents have an extensive day program that involves sensory integrative and interactive techniques such as touch, pressure, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation, music, environmental controls, micro technology, audio/visual sensory stimulating activities, and movement. Programs incorporate activation of electronic and assistive devices for cause and effect reaction, response to stimulation, computer programs, ball play, textures, etc. Through these programs, clients have achieved measured success to reduce sensory defensiveness, anxiety, aggression, self-injurious behavior, and success in increasing or maintaining joint and muscle range of motion. Residents have vocational/employment opportunities and may work in a store on campus, recycle, provide print shop service, work in the greenhouse, or produce ceramics as well as perform contracted work for community businesses.

Admission to Lakeland Village is coordinated through DDA Region 1 Field Services staff. Referrals are received from statewide.