Roads to Community Living

What the Roads to Community Living Project Is

Roads to Community Living is a demonstration project designed to help people with complex, long-term care needs move back into the community.  The project is Washington State's part of a federally funded project called Money Follows the Person. Originally funded in 2007 for 5 years, the Affordable Care Act increased the duration of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Project through 2020.

Through this project, Washington State has an opportunity to explore what kinds of services and support help people with complex, long-term care needs successfully move from institutions (such as nursing homes, state hospitals, or ICF-IDs) back into the community.
Project participants have an opportunity to visit or re-visit their ability to live in the community and access additional person-centered services and supports.

People who are eligible and want to participate in the project:

  • Receive intensive one-on-one help to develop a plan to transition back into the community.  The plan includes all of the individualized services and support needed to move and successfully live outside of an institution.
  • For one year after the move into the community, have access to additional services and supports not currently available through existing programs.
  • May receive one-time-only expenditures or services needed during the move and transition back into the community.