Yakima Valley School

Yakima Valley School

In 1958, the six county Central Washington Tuberculosis Hospital in Selah was converted to a residential facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. At that time, the facility was renamed Yakima Valley School (YVS).

In 1978, the facility was accredited as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and programming was expanded to include education and pre-employment vocational training programs.

Yakima Valley School was designated a Nursing Facility in 1994. Currently, about 260 direct care and support staff provide 24-hour nursing care, a full spectrum of clinical and therapeutic programs, and recreation/activities to about 108 individuals who reside in 15 separate homes on campus.

YVS also offers planned respite services, which include medical, nursing, dental, therapeutic, dietary, psychiatric, and recreation programs. YVS averages well over 400 days of respite care each month and receives guests from throughout the state. Most respite stays are pre-planned and coordinated through regional Case Managers and YVS Social Services staff. However, accommodations are also made for emergency respite admissions.

YVS is unique in that they have 8 beds that are designated through legislation to allow for crisis stabilization stays. YVS has been very successful in stabilizing these individuals and assisting to integrate them back into the community.