Stabilization Services - Children and Adults

Intensive Habilitation Services for Children

The IHS program provides short-term stabilization services (up to 90 days) that are based on a client’s most prominent target behaviors as identified by the client’s family in conjunction with the DDA case manager and IHS staff. IHS program staff are trained in positive behavior support principles and de-escalation techniques to support a client to acquire, retain, and/or improve upon self-help, socialization and/or adaptive skills based upon the family's identified goals. Successful outcomes are achieved when a consistent approach is applied to meeting the client’s support needs and parents are actively engaged in obtaining new strategies to support their child.  The facility is certified by DDA and serves up to three children at a time.  It is located in Lakewood, Washington.  To learn more about IHS, please refer to DDA Policy 4.07.

Residential Habilitation Center (RHC) Short-Term Stay

If a client or legal guardian requests a short-term stay at an ICF/IID or SONF, the client’s DDA Assessment must show a need for active treatment services as defined in 42 CFR Sec. 483.440(b)(1) or nursing services.  If an ICF/IID or SONF is not at capacity, the facility may be available for planned or emergent short-term stays for individuals age 16 and older.  For information on RHC Short-Term Stay, please refer to DDA Policy 4.01.