Activity Report, Washington State Institutional Review Board, Fiscal Year 2006

Sep 2007 |
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This report provides an overview of the Washington State Institutional Review Board. It Summarizes the Board's authority and functions, outlines the human research review process, and describes major activities during fiscal year 2006. It also includes a log of all research projects which were reviewed during this period. The review process protects the rights and welfare of subjects participating in research, and assures the research is sound and likely to produce benefits which are greater than the risks to subjects. The review also protects the departments from liability resulting from improperly conducted research. Washington's Institutional Review Board is comprised of professionals working both within and outside state agencies. Members are both scientists and professionals who work in non-scientific areas. They serve as volunteers and donate a substantial amount of their time reviewing research proposals. The Review Board receives administrative support from the Human Research Review Section in the Department of Social and Health Services. Staff in the Section also serves as the Executive Secretary and Associate Executive Secretary of the Board.

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