The ADATSA Program: Clients, Services and Treatment Outcomes

Oct 1991 |
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A Study of Indigent Persons Served by Washington State's Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment and Support Act

This study was sponsored by the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) in order to gain an understanding of ADATSA clients and the overall functioning of the ADATSA system. The study describes the clients, evaluates the appropriateness of treatment placements, and identifies the major obstacles in implementing the program from the point of view of managers and directors of treatment agencies and assessment center. Using client employment, public assistance, and re-entry into DASA-funded services as measures of the impact of treatment, the study assessed the outcomes of chemical dependency treatment. The study also examined the effect on employment of three pilot programs which have been providing extra vocational services to ADATSA clients. Finally, a number of former shelter clients were tracked in an effort to determine their current circumstances, including their subsequent use of other publicly funded services.

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