An Analysis of Unmet Service Needs for Washington State's Division of Developmental Disabilities

Sep 1999 |
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In January 1998, the DSHS Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) contracted with DSHS Research and Data Analysis to determine the magnitude of the unmet service needs problem, explore types of service needs among the caseload, estimate unmet service needs during the next biennium, and determine the cost associated with meeting those needs. The study found that DDD was fully or partially meeting the needs of 78% of their caseload. At the end of FY 1997, DDD needed 2,535 new residential slots or changes in placements, 2,418 day program slots or changes in day program placements, and 3,136 family support, attendant care, or therapy slots. The projected cost of serving the needs of these 7,027 persons was over $188 million.

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