Co-occurring Mental Illness among Clients in Chemical Dependency Treatment

Feb 2010 |
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This report expands on a 2008 legislative report and confirms that about half of the DSHS clients receiving chemical dependency services through the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR/CD) have evidence of co-occurring mental health problems, a finding that is consistent using multiple independent indicators of mental illness. Client and service characteristics are presented for those chemical dependency clients identified as having co-occurring mental health problems, including demographics, mental health diagnostic categories, services received, and COD rates by service modality. Among individuals receiving DBHR chemical dependency services, co-occurring disorders are most common for females, American Indian youth, and middle aged adult clients (age 45-64). Based on diagnostic and psychotropic medication categories and receipt of services in multiple settings, the identified mental health problems of those served by DBHR/CD appear to be serious and chronic.

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