Cost of Living Study 1980 for Low Income Families in Washington State

Jan 1981 |
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This study developed detailed information on a minimal but adequate cost of living for low-income persons in Washington State in 1980. The objectives were to revise and document procedures and techniques used to develop cost of living estimates, develop detailed costs of specific budget components for low-income families, identify differences in requirements based upon family size, geographic area, age, sex, and economies of scale, and establish methods for periodic adjustment of the estimates to reflect changes in the cost of living in Washington State. The study found that in 1980, a minimal but adequate cost of living in Washington State for a family of four and an elderly individual was $707.53 and $372.85, respectively. If supplementary components were also included, costs would increase to $728.93 and $379.30. If these model families were receiving public assistance at the levels in effect on November 1, 1980, their benefits, excluding medical assistance, would total $628.55 and $355.64, respectively. The report examines possible methods of updating the information and recommends procedures to follow every year, every five years, every ten years, and as needed.

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