CSO Profiles: Maternal Characteristics and Birth Outcomes For Community Services Offices, 1991-2004

Dec 2006 |
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This study provides characteristics of female populations in their typical child-bearing years, from age 15 to age 44, residing within Department of Social and Health Services Community Services Office boundaries. The study finds the statewide birth rate in Washington decreased by 6.6% from 1991 through 2004. Birth rates at the CSO level vary widely, from 31.4 per 1000 in 2003-04 in Belltown to 150.7 per 1000 in Mattawa. Key factors that influence birth rates include demographics, poverty, and educational attainment. Findings emphasize the importance of considering characteristics of individual communities in maternity care programs and family planning activities. Some measures vary widely across the state and within DSHS regions, yet various groups of CSOs also share a number of characteristics. Recognizing the similarities and differences between the areas, and their values and cultural differences, is necessary in developing community-specific interventions to meet the diverse needs and ensure healthy birth outcomes.

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