Needs Assessment Data Project

Oct 1991 |
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Strategic Planning Report Fiscal Year 1990

Two policy trends converged in 1990 to highlight the need within the Department of Social and Health Services for Information on clients and possible clients, grouped by social category (race, ethnicity, gender, age and disability) and by location (region, county, and field office). First, the Minority initiative raised fundamental questions about the way DSHS was serving minority populations. Second, the Strategic Planning effort raised important issues around geographic access to programs and costs of service. The Needs Assessment Data Project is not a needs assessment. Instead, it provides baseline information (data) which decision makers and planners across DSHS can use to assess service needs and gaps. That information is being presented in a series of reports exploring the service use of client groups during FY90. These reports are being prepared for Division staff, the Diversity Initiatives, the Strategic Planning Review and the Cabinet.

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