DSHS Photography Contest Rules

Images from Photo Contest 2013
Use of your photograph:
  • By entering a photograph in the DSHS photography contest you affirm that you are the maker of this image and have retained the rights to this image.
  • By entering a photograph in the DSHS photography contest, you give your consent for DSHS to use this photograph in DSHS publications and DSHS web sites without monetary compensation. You understand that others outside of DSHS may copy your image from these public sites and use it without further notice or permission by DSHS or you. You will be given photo credit when your photograph is used by DSHS.
  • Entering a photograph in the DSHS photography contest in no way prevents you from using this photograph in other venues or from entering other contests.

Other rules

  • Photographs must be submitted in JPEG.
  • You MUST submit a photo release for each identifiable person in the photo. The release must be signed by the person pictured, if that person is 18 or older. If the person is a minor or has an appointed guardian the release must be signed by parent or guardian. Photos without releases from identifiable people are not eligible for the contest; they will not be used or retained.
  • Deadline for entry is November 29, 2019.
  • Even though photographers are allowed to enter up to 10 photos, each photo will only be allowed to win ONE award (in highest category applicable).
  • Photographs must be suitable for family viewing and should be Washington state/DSHS-themed.
  • Select your best photos, because we have a limit of 10 photo submissions per photographer. Note that each photo must be entered separately - with an individual entry form, photo releases (if applicable), and a separate email for each photo.
  • NEW 2021: Remove ALL WATERMARKS before submitting, or your photo(s) will be disqualified.
  • When filling out the entry form, you must agree and understand that any information you fill in on this entry form and the following pages is sent to a company outside DSHS called Survey Monkey to collect and send to DSHS. That company does not collect personal information about you other than what you enter on this form and does not use that information for its own purposes. Click here for their privacy policy.

Contact us with questions or comments at:  888.793.2567 (toll-free), 360.902.8260, DSHS_Photos@dshs.wa.gov