Starting in 2018, this multi-year process will establish a contract between the Department of Social and Health Services and Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA) to become the Consumer Directed Employer.  This entity will serve as the employer for Individual Providers of in-home personal care and respite in Washington state.  When the Consumer Directed Employer contract goes into effect, CDWA will handle the credentialing, payroll and other employer responsibilities currently managed by the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, Developmental Disabilities Administration and the Area Agencies on Aging. Consumers will continue to select, schedule, supervise, and dismiss their Individual Providers.

In November 2019, DSHS signed a contract with Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA).

The Department remains committed to initiating the transition to the CDE by the legislatively required date of June 30, 2021.

The move to a CDE model will shift the IP employment-related activities to the CDEs and will help DSHS realize the goal of increasing the capacity of DSHS/AAA case management, customer service, and other social services staff to focus on core case management activities.  

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Consumer Directed Employer
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