Comprehensive Assessment Reporting Evaluation - CARE

What is CARE?

The Comprehensive Assessment Reporting Evaluation (CARE) is the tool used by case managers to document a client's functional ability, determine eligibility for long-term care services, evaluate what and how much assistance a client will receive, and develop a plan of care.

You can also view the CARE regulations, which are in Chapter 388-106 WAC.

Time study

In 2001 and 2002, ADSA conducted a time study in boarding homes, adult family homes, and in a client’s home, in several areas throughout the state to determine resource use when specific care needs were identified.   The results were used to develop the new payment methodology that tied client characteristics to resource use.  Read the Time Study Report or the AFH Appendices BH Appendicess.  

Who can you contact if you have questions about CARE?

Anna Mitchell
CARE Assessment Program Manager

Need Help Applying for Services?

If you have questions about applying for services or scheduling a CARE assessment, please use the ALTSA Resources Link. Select the county that the person applying for services lives in to find the local office contact information.