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Cars give people independence and control, especially if public transportation is not available.  It is very difficult for many people to stop driving – even when they should.

If you believe someone has a condition that seriously impairs driving, urge him or her to re-take the driver's test or give up the car. 

You may want to contact the person's doctor, who can write a prescription advising the patient not to drive.

Doctors can also send a letter suggesting a re-exam to:

The Department of Licensing
Medical Section
PO Box 9030
Olympia, WA 98507-9030

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The website MedlinePlus includes easy to understand information and illustrations on the causes, risks, symptoms, tests, treatment, and additional references on over 4000 diseases.


Photo Identification for Someone Who Doesn't Drive

If you would like to obtain an ID, then visit your local Department of Licensing office. Find the nearest licensing office

There is a fee for receiving a Washington ID card. If you are receiving public assistance, you may be eligible for an ID card at a reduced cost. Ask your DSHS caseworker to fill out form 16-029 “Request for Identicard.”

For more information on identification cards, visit the Department of Licensing's website.