How a Disease or Condition Impacts Care

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The disease or condition your loved one has impacts the type of care needed.  It is important to find out as much as you can about the disease or condition and the type of care needed now and what to prepare for in the future.

Questions to Ask a Doctor

Here is a list of what you may want to find out when you are at the doctor’s office or talking with other members of your loved one’s care team.

  • What can we expect as the normal progression of the disease?
  • What type of physical and emotional care will she need now and as the disease progresses?
  • Are there any serious signs or symptoms to look for and what needs to be reported to the doctor.
  • Will you need any special training in order to help with care?  If so, what is the best way to get it?
  • What are the best strategies for managing pain or other uncomfortable symptoms? 
  • What is and is not treatable?
  • Are there any assistive gadgets or devices that could help her remain as independent as possible?
  • Are there any additional services or resources that would be helpful for both of you?

Learn more about tips and resources for working with doctors.

Learn More

The website MedlinePlus includes easy to understand information and illustrations on the causes, risks, symptoms, tests, treatment, and additional references on over 4000 diseases.


  • After Your Diagnosis – Finding Information and Support from The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers general advice and tips on how to learn more about almost any disease or condition and how it can be treated. Organizations, publications, and other resources are included if you would like to know more. This document is also available in Spanish.