Prescription Drugs

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Help Paying for Prescription Drugs

The cost of prescription drugs continues to be a topic of concern and confusion for many adults. Below are several links to more information, programs, and resources to help.

The Washington State Prescription Drug Program website is a valuable resource with several tools, discount card programs, and pooled resources with other organizations that offer the information and programs you need for prescription drug purchasing assistance.

Best Buy Drugs from Consumer Reports is a free public education project that can help you find the most effective and safe drugs that also give you the best value for your health care dollar.

BenefitsCheckUpRx is a free on-line tool that can help you learn whether you are likely to qualify for the Medicare Prescription Drug Program, Medicare-approved drug discount cards, Company Patient Assistance Programs and other important federal and state programs.

Learn More About Prescription Drugs

AARP has a section of their website devoted to understanding and using medications wisely.   

Best Buy Drugs from Consumer Reports also has detailed fact sheets for many common prescription medications.   
Concerned about drug safety?  Go to the US Food and Drug Administration website to find a wide variety of safety information about prescription drugs.  The site provides links to safety sheets with the latest risk information about particular drugs, related press announcements, and other fact sheets.

Medicare's Prescription Drug Program, Part D

The Medicare Prescription Drug program is a benefit for Medicare beneficiaries and provides a choice of prescription plans that offer various types of coverage.

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioners HelpLine can help Medicare enrollees understand their prescription drug options and make informed decisions to get the best coverage. Call their Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-562-6900 or read their booklet Paying for Prescription Drugs.