Specialized Dementia Care Program Orientation Training for New Administrator

This Specialized Dementia Care Program orientation training is required by contract for all new administrators must complete within ninety (90) days of starting at the facility. The training provides an overview of the Specialized Dementia Program in Assisted Living Facilities, rules and regulations related to HCBS, and contract requirements.

This training is fully online.  It will take you approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. You will be required to view and interact with each slide.  Once you have completed the training you will have the opportunity to save and print a two-hour continuing education (CE) certificate. You may be asked by our RCS licensors to produce this certificate as evidence that you have met your contract requirements. If your certificate does not generate for some reason, print your screen (showing slide 57) and email that to Natalie Lehl (LehlNR@dshs.wa.gov).  Be sure to include your full, the name of this training (Specialized Dementia Care Program for new administrators), and the date.  Take the training.