Nurse Delegation Program


***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As of 01/03/2023, HealthCare Authority Provider Enrollment is 12 WEEKS behind in processing applications. You SHOULD NOT start working with Medicaid clients OR accept new referrals UNTIL you are able to log into ProviderOne, view your authorizations list & have a Social Service Medical profile. ***


The DSHS Nurse Delegation Program is for Registered Nurses interested in becoming a RND (Registered Nurse Delegator).  This page has resources for current and future RNDs.

How to Become a Registered Nurse Delegator (RND)

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Is Nurse Delegation?

The Nurse Delegation Program, under Washington State law, allows nursing assistants working in certain settings to perform certain tasks--such as administration of prescription medications or blood glucose testing--normally performed only by licensed nurses. A registered nurse must teach and supervise the nursing assistant, as well as provide nursing assessments of the patient's condition.

How Can I Contract With DSHS To Provide Nurse Delegation?

Registered nurses who wish to contract with the state are required to attend a free, all-day training session provided by the state. You must also complete a contract packet which you will receive at the class and provide the necessary documents (such as business license and proof of insurance) prior to being contracted.

What Is Required For A Registered Nurse To Do Nurse Delegation?

Any nurse registered in Washington State may delegate, but s/he may only do so according to the laws (RCW 18.79.260) and regulations (WAC 246-840-910 to 970) written by the Nursing Commission. 

How Do I Find Clients?

DSHS doesn't provide clients; you must market your services yourself. DSHS does distribute the current list of contracted delegating nurses to the case managers who authorize Nurse Delegation services for their Medicaid clients.

How Do I Get Nurse Delegation Forms?

You can download all mandatory forms at the Nurse Delegation Forms page.

How Do I Find Classes?

Resources for Current RNDs with DSHS Contracts

Nurse Delegation Program Contacts