Nursing Services

Nursing Services Unit Manager

Doris Barret 


Nursing Care Consultants

Region Contact
Region 1 North Lisa Ross
Region 2 North Becky Morton
Region 2 South Erika Parada, Emma Ygona-Parrish
Region 3 North Erika Parada
Region 3 South Amy Scott


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Private Duty Nursing

Private Duty Nursing (PDN) is a program that provides in-home skilled nursing care to Medicaid clients 18 years of age or older, who would otherwise be served in a Medicaid Medical Institution (MMI). PDN is an alternative to institutional care.

The purpose of the PDN program is to provide community-based alternatives to institutional care for clients who have complex medical needs like ventilators, tracheostomies, feeding tubes or continuous IV infusions and require skilled nursing care on a continuous and daily basis. The PDN program is designed to support clients and their families who must assume a portion of the client’s care.

While some clients choose to seek care in an Adult Family Home setting others can be cared for in their own home or the home of a relative. The PDN program allows clients the option to remain at home with their families and in their community.

PDN hours are determined by the DDA Nursing Care Consultant (NCC), up to 16 hours per day.


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Contracted Providers

Nurse Delegation

Nurse Delegation is a specific program where a non-nurse legally performs nursing tasks such as giving medication in a client’s home, an adult family home (AFH), Assisted Living Facility (ALF), supported living (SL), group training home or companion homes.  Nurse delegation is where a Long-Term Care Worker (LTCW) is “delegated” by a registered nurse to provide tasks that are usually performed only by a licensed nurse. State law requires that when a task is “delegated” specific rules are followed, both by the nurse delegating the care and by the LTCW who performs the task. The rules are written by Department of Health, Nursing Commission, to ensure public safety.



How to Become a Registered Nurse Delegator (RND)

Training and Meeting Schedule

DDA Nurse Delegation Program Contact

Nursing Services Unit Manager
Doris Barret

Waiver Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing consists of independent nurses who are contracted with DDA to provide direct care services, consultation and nursing care for chronic long term nursing tasks.



Skin Observation Protocol

Skin Observation Protocol is the method used to check if there is a potential for a pressure injury. The CARE assessment is completed the skin observation protocol (SOP) may be triggered. It is the policy for DDA to have the case manager refer to the appropriate nurse or nursing agency that SOP was triggered in CARE. The nurse must perform a direct skin observation.


Training materials

  • PP training materials


  • Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Nursing Services Referral (13-911) Word | PDF
  • SOP Form - SOP Basic Skin Assessment Form Word | PDF
  • SOP Form - Pressure Injury Assessment Form Word | PDF

Health Home

Health Home is a network of services that provide coordination of primary, mental health and long-term services and supports.  Health home is focused on serving individuals with one or more chronic health condition who have been determined as frequent utilizers of emergency services and hospitalization, thus identified as high-risk/high-cost Medicaid clients.