April 30, 2012_ALF "Dear Administrator" Letters

April 30, 2012

ADSA: ALF #2012-006
2012 Legislation:  ESHB 2314
Concerning Long-term Care Workers

Dear Assisted Living Facility Administrator:

The purpose of this letter is to let you know the Governor recently signed Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2314 (ESHB 2314) into law that took effect immediately.  Highlights of ESHB 2314 follow.

Training and Certification Requirements

  • Newly hired long-term care (LTC) workers required to take basic training and become certified as home care aides have 120 days from hire to complete required training and 150 days from hire to complete their home care aide certification.
  • ESHB 2314 temporarily extends these deadlines for LTC workers hired from January 7, 2012 through March 29, 2012.  These workers have:
  • 120 days from March 30, 2012 which is July 27, 2012, to meet their training requirements, and
  • 150 days from March 30, 2012 which is August 26, 2012, to become certified as home care aides.
  • This deadline extension has been put in place to help ensure these LTC workers have adequate time to complete training and certification during the transition to the new requirements. It is still encouraged that these LTC workers get their training and certification as soon as possible.
  • This temporary deadline extension does not apply to any LTC workers hired after March 30, 2012 required to complete basic training and home care aide certification.  These LTC workers have 120 days from hire to complete training and 150 days from hire to complete certification.
  • In addition to training and certification requirements, the assisted living facility must ensure all staff receive appropriate training and orientation for their specific duties and responsibilities.

Nurse Delegated Tasks

  • Certified home care aides can now perform nurse delegated tasks.  All requirements and restrictions to perform nurse delegated tasks remain the same.

Other Resources

Please contact your local RCS Field Manager if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued commitment to the long-term care residents of our state.


Joyce Pashley Stockwell, Director
Residential Care Services