March 5, 2012_AFH "Dear Provider" Letters

March 5, 2012

ADSA:  AFH #2012-004

Dear Adult Family Home Provider:

Enclosed is your copy of the new Adult Family Home Guidebook (DSHS 22-1467).   This Guidebook is designed to give information to every facility and all mandated reporters who work in any capacity in our state's licensed AFHs. This Guidebook provides key information on, but doesnotsubstitute for nor replace, this state law regarding reporting and investigating abuse and neglect of vulnerable adult residents. 

The Adult Family Home Guidebook gives you basic information for protecting residents from abuse and neglect.  This Guidebook also helps you to prevent, recognize, report, and, better understand potential or actual abandonment, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or mistreatment of any resident living and receiving care in your licensed AFH.  This Guidebook reminds you when you must report, what you must report, and, to whom you must report (i.e., the Department; and, in certain circumstances, local law enforcement; the Coroner or Medical Examiner).  The Guidebook emphasizes that individual mandated reporter requirements do not take the place of the separately mandated AFH facility reporting requirements.

Several appendices are included in this Guidebook to assist you and your facility in educating your staff about the requirements under chapter 74.34 RCW and under AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements (chapter 388-76 WAC).  You can also access the Guidebook online, or check periodically for updates to this Guidebook, by visiting:

If you have not already registered for training class, you can find information on the offerings in your area detailed in ADSA:  AFH #2012-002 or by clicking on the link at the top of the AFH professional page on our website.  Please bring your copy of the Guidebook to the training.

For questions regarding the enclosed Guidebook, please contact your local RCS Field Manager or District Administrator. 


Joyce Pashley Stockwell, Director
Residential Care Services