Application Process

Preferred Applicant Qualifications

The forensic psychology postdoctoral fellowship is open to applicants who will successfully completed a regionally or APA accredited doctoral program, including internship, in clinical or counseling psychology by August 31 of the preceding training year (e.g., completion of conferral requirements including dissertation and internship hours expected by the end of the training year). Completion of an APA-accredited internship is preferred but not required. Applicants must complete all doctoral requirements before commencement of the fellowship. Prior experience with providing assessment and treatment services in a forensic setting is preferred.


To Apply

Interested applicants may email (preferred at or mail their application materials directly to the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee:


Jacqueline Means, Psy.D., Fellowship Director

Office of Forensic Mental Health Services

1949 South State Street

Tacoma, WA, 98405


Phone: 360-603-1411


Entrance Requirements:

  1. Graduation from an APA-accredited doctoral program in psychology is preferred
    1. If the candidate has not received the degree at the time of application, they must supply letters from the director of their training program and dissertation chair (when applicable) attesting that the candidate is expected to receive the doctoral degree before the fellowship start date.
  2. Completion of an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship program is preferred; completion of an internship that meets APPIC standards is required.
    1. A letter from the director of the program attesting that the candidate is expected to complete pre-doctoral internship requirements before the start date is required.


Application packets submitted by mail or email at must include the following:

  1. Documentation that the above entrance requirements have been met. These may each be separate letters or combined so long as it is clear what the letter is commenting on (e.g., dissertation chair may comment on completion requirements and provide academic recommendation):
    1. Official transcripts of all graduate studies (undergraduate transcripts are not necessary)
    2. Letter from program official indicating expected completion date of dissertation
    3. Letter from program official indicating expected date of  satisfactory completion of internship
  2. Statement of interest and career intent
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Sample of one (1) completed and sanitized psychological reports (forensic evaluation preferred)

We are currently able to offer one to five fellowship positions per year, depending on funding and the qualified applicant pool. Positions offered are located in the Tacoma area with additional positions in the Spokane area – regardless of location, the training curriculum, opportunities, and employment benefits remain the same and the location will be provided to the selected fellow during the offer phase.

Funding for these positions is in the budget of the sponsoring agency but a guarantee is not possible until the governor has signed the requisite budget bill. Currently, Fellowship positions are under Psychology Associate job classifications with the state of Washington, garnering a salary of $89,292 annually. A minimum for this classification range is $77,208 with variation above this subject to yearly budgetary and agency considerations.

Application Deadline: December 31st


Questions about the fellowship program or application process can be directed to: