Application Process

Application Deadline:

All application materials for the 2024-2025 training year must be received by December 31, 2023. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Interviews for the fellowship will be scheduled via videoconferencing. In-person interviews will not be conducted, but if interested we can schedule a visit after interviews are completed. We will be abiding by the common hold date of February 26, 2024.



The forensic psychology postdoctoral fellowship is open to applicants who will complete an APA-accredited doctoral program, including an APA-accredited internship, in clinical or counseling psychology by August 31 of the preceding training year (i.e., completion of conferral requirements including dissertation and internship hours expected by August 31, 2024). Additionally, before beginning employment, a criminal justice background is mandatory for all fellows.


Preferred qualifications:

Prior experience with providing forensic mental health assessment services in a psychiatric, correctional, or other forensically-related setting is preferred. We strongly encourage candidates of all different identities and cultural backgrounds to apply.

While we do prefer applicants to have experience working in a forensic setting, we also recognize that valuable professional experience can come in many forms. We believe any applicants who have a strong generalist background and writing skills, and who share our core values, can develop the necessary skills to become highly competent and ethical forensic examiners through our training program.


How to apply:

1. Assemble an application packet, to be submitted to or mailed directly to the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee:

Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee

c/o Jacqueline Means, Psy.D., Fellowship Director

Office of Forensic Mental Health Services

1949 South State Street

Tacoma, WA 98405


Application packets must include the following:

  • Cover Letter specifying the contents of the application packet, anticipated letter writers, and school(s) from where transcripts will be sent
  • Statement of interest and career intent
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Sample of one (1) completed and sanitized psychological report (forensic evaluation preferred)

2. Submit the following documentation that the candidate requirements have been/will be met, directly to the above email or mailing address:

  • Official transcripts of all graduate studies (no undergraduate transcripts needed)
  • Letter from program official indicating expected completion date of dissertation*
  • Letter from program official indicating the expected date of satisfactory completion of the internship*

 3. Three letters of recommendation* should be submitted directly from the letter writers to the above email or mailing address.

* These may each be separate letters or combined, so long as it is clear what the letter is commenting on (e.g., dissertation chair may comment on completion requirements and provide academic recommendation)


Additional information:

Currently, we anticipate being able to offer up to six fellowship positions for the 2024-2025 training year, available between the Tacoma area and Spokane area locations. While the training curriculum and employment benefits remain the same regardless of location, some opportunities may vary year to year depending on both location and availability. We offer a hybrid work schedule (with both in-person and work-from-home), depending on the rotation and training needs. We are happy to discuss updates to this information during the interview process.

The current salary for postdoctoral fellows is approximately $90,000, with employment benefits, holidays, and leave time.

Depending on the year and ongoing research projects, we may be able to support conference attendance for trainees presenting research related to the Office of Forensic Mental Health Services.



Please direct any questions about the fellowship program or application process to