Fellowship Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

The selected fellows each training year will be appointed as a non-permanent Washington State employee as a Psychology Associate. The salary offered is commiserate with current salary ranges and are currently starting at $77,028 annually. Additional benefits are listed here and include health insurance, four vacation hours and four sick leave hours accrued each bimonthly pay period, and liability coverage for onsite professional activities. Limited authorized leave time for training activities is possible, but not guaranteed. This fellowship is a one-year, full-time position with an expected work week of 40 hours. Flexible schedules are offered on an as-needed basis to accommodate travel and court deadlines.


We are currently able to offer one to five fellowship positions per year, depending on funding and the qualified applicant pool. Positions offered are located in the Tacoma area with additional positions in the Spokane area – regardless of location, the training curriculum, opportunities, and employment benefits remain the same and the location will be provided to the selected fellow during the offer phase. Funding for these positions is in the budget of the sponsoring agency but a guarantee is not possible until the governor has signed the requisite budget bill.


Each fellow will have a work area and access to various forensic textbooks and resources located within the department. Each fellow will also have a desktop computer with word processing software and access to printers, email, central computing resources (e.g., patient files), and the internet.