DDA Messages

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Emergency Alerts


05/31/2024 Adult Community Residential Service Videos

05/28/2024 Care Provider Bulletin: What is Naloxone?

05/24/2024 National Association of State Directors Hosts New Trauma Focused Podcast

05/22/2024 Sharing Information: Washington SUN Bucks Summer EBT Program

05/21/2024 Sharing Information: Summer Camp for youth 16-24 years old with IDD or MH

05/16/2024 Sharing Information:  Water and Heat Safety Information

05/15/2024 Sharing Information: Department of Health launches 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Campaign website

05/13/2024 Sharing Information: Survey of Interest - Weigh in on behavioral health services at Olympic Heritage

05/13/2024 Sharing Information from DSHS Office of Emergency Management: Wildfire Season and Public Safety Power Shutoff

05/03/2024 Share your Thoughts on Continuing Education Courses for Long-Term Care Workers

05/01/2024 May is Mental Health Awareness Month

04/30/2024 Sharing Information from ACL: The Medicaid Access Rule: A Historic Regulation to Strengthen Home and Community-Based Services

04/24/2024 Dan Thompson Account Update April 2024

04/19/2024 Sharing Information: Washington Partnership Access Line

04/18/2024 National Assistive Technology Awareness Day: April 17

04/16/2024 Sharing Information - Washington State Behavioral Health Advisory Council: Recruiting New Members with Lived Experience

04/18/2024 Lake Burien April 18th Event

04/10/20210 Reminder: Two-Part Choking Video Series and Choking Care Provider Bulletin

04/04/2024 April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

03/29/2024 2023-25 Supplemental Operating Budget Highlights for DSHS' DDA Community Partners

03/25/2024 2nd Substitute House Bill 2008 winter 2024 update

03/25/2024 Sharing Information: Measles Outbreak Update

03/21/2024 Sharing Information: Department of Health announces updated guidance for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

03/21/2024 Time to Comment: Annual Application for IDEA Federal Grant

3/15/2024 Reminder: Reporting Abuse

3/07/2024 Washington state will add 155 accessible and affordable housing units for IDD community

3/01/2024 Sharing information: notification to providers of important Candida auris information

02/06/2024 2024 Community Summit: Innovation & Resource Expo

02/05/2024 Sharing information: Department of Health unveils kiosks that offer free COVID-19 and flu tests

01/24/2024 Family Advisory Council Selection Notice

01/23/2024 Care Provider Bulletin: How hot is the hot water in your home?

01/18/2024 2nd Substitute House Bill 2008 Listening and Learning Sessions

01/12/2024 Managed Care Organization Amerigroup name change

01/11/2024 2024 Community Summit: Call for Proposals - Extended Deadline to Jan. 22

01/11/2024 DDA Guiding Values Video

01/10/2024 Preparing for Winter Weather

01/04/2024 Join us for a special viewing event- made possible by the Dan Thompson Memorial Community Services Account

01/04/2024 2024 Community Summit: Call for Proposals - Deadline Jan. 15

12/28/2023 Dan Thompson Account Update December 2023

12/19/2023 Roads to Community Living: Larrie's Story

12/15/2023 Reminder: Reporting Abuse

12/15/2023 Assistive Technology Survey

12/14/2023 Correction: Governor’s Proposed Supplemental 2024 Operating Budget

12/14/2023 2nd Substitute House Bill 2008 Project Update

12/14/2023 Save The Date: 2024 Community Summit

12/12/2023 Reminder: Health Care Advocacy Care Provider Bulletin

12/07/2023 Updates: 2023-25 Operating Budget Highlights for DSHS DDA Stakeholders

12/02/2023 Washington State Secure Messaging

12/01/2023 Dan Thompson Memorial Community Services Account - Application Opens


Provider Information

05/09/2024 New Publication: Transitioning to a New Home

05/03/2024 New Mandatory Reporting Resource

04/24/2024 Sharing Information: Enhancing Organizational Capacity to Serve People with Challenging Reputations, Significant Behavioral Challenges or Forensic Backgrounds

04/05/2024 Sharing Information: ACL/FEMA Webinar on Emergency Preparedness for Organizations Serving People with Disabilities and Older Adults

03/21/2024 Free Online Continuing Education Credits for 2024

02/15/2024 Updated: Statewide Provider Meeting Notes and Resources

02/09/2024 Residential Provider Survey: Evaluating DDA Provider Tracking Tools

01/25/2024 Changes to Alternative Living Program Service Code

01/03/2024 Statewide Supported Living, Group Training Home and Group Home Provider Meeting

12/29/2023 Community Residential Services Business 2024 Training Schedule

12/11/2023 Rate Increase for: Community Residential Providers

12/08/2023 DDA Residential Quality Assurance Team

12/6/2023 Anticipated Changes to Temporary Rate Increase - January 1, 2024

12/4/2023 Group Training Home Integrated Settings Requirements

12/4/2023 Important Changes to Policy 6.04 - Effective Jan. 1, 2024


Trainings and Events

01/09/2024 Free Online Continuing Education Credits for 2024

11/16/2023 Free Online Continuing Education Credits for 2023- Companion Home and Alternative Living Providers

11/02/2023 Annual 2023 PASRR Hospital and Nursing Facility Webinar

09/15/2023 Statewide Supported Living, Group Training Home and Group Home Provider Meeting

08/11/2023 Training Opportunity: Community Protection Program Policy Changes

08/07/2023 Training Opportunity for Residential Providers and DDA Staff: Updated Policies