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Most Washington teens reject alcohol and other drugs

Mar 15 2017

DSHS Office of Communications, Kelly Stowe, 360-888-0730

OLYMPIA-Results for the 2016 Washington Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) show that teen rates of substance use in our state have remained mostly unchanged since the last survey was taken in 2014, and that most teens avoid alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs.

“The health, safety and economic impacts of substance use disorders affect many individuals, families and communities in our state, and a wide range of organizations at all levels are partnering to prevent them,” said Governor ...read more

Western State Hospital Brings Dr. Brian Gilfeather to its team

Mar 14 2017

DSHS Office of Communications, Kathy Spears, (253) 756-2667

LAKEWOOD --Dr. Brian Gilfeather, a new member of Western State Hospital’s psychiatric team, brings years of health care experience to Washington’s largest state-operated psychiatric hospital.

Dr. Gilfeather is a graduate of Harvard College and earned his medical degree at Boston University School of Medicine, and comes to Western State Hospital well prepared to address the challenges of mental illness.

He was hired to lead the hospital’s East Campus and Habilitative Mental ...read more

OLYMPIA- U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman today entered an order giving several directives to the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to come into compliance with the court. The order is being reviewed.

The agency continues to work toward compliance with Judge Pechman’s contempt order while meeting the quality care and safety standards that patients need and deserve. Much progress has been made in providing competency evaluations and restoration services to members ...read more

WSH psychology internship program re-accredited for next seven years

Feb 16 2017

DSHS Office of Communications, Kathy Spears, (253)756-2667

LAKEWOOD –The Western State Hospital (WSH) psychology internship program has received the highest standard of accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA).

The hospital’s psychology department is one of the largest in the state. Its internship program provides participants a unique opportunity to work with children, adolescents, adults, and an elder population with a variety of diagnoses, as well as with people with criminal histories and mental ...read more

Want to trade EBT card for marijuana?

Feb 07 2017

DSHS Office of Communications, Mindy Chambers, (360) 902-0265

OLYMPIA – Note to would-be food benefits traffickers.

You’re being watched.

In early February, Puyallup police arrested a Tacoma man after investigators with the Department of Social and Health Services’ Office of Fraud and Accountability saw a social media post offering to trade “great organic” marijuana “for EBT vehicles electronics” (sic).

The investigators notified Puyallup law enforcement, which set up an exchange of an EBT card for the marijuana and made the arrest ...read more