Rules & Laws

The Developmental Disabilities Administration operates according to the statutes established in the Revised Code of Washington, as interpreted by Washington Administrative Code.

Revised Code of Washington

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) are statutes enacted and amended by the Washington State Legislature. The developmental disabilities statutes are under Title 71A RCW.

Washington Administrative Code

State agencies adopt rules called Washington Administrative Code (WAC) to implement state and federal law. A rule is an agency interpretation of a statute. Rules establish regulations for the agency and the public and have the effect of law.

Currently Enacted Emergency Rules (CR-103E)

  • WSR 23-06-057 |  Home and Community-Based Waiver Services (Effective March 1, 2023)
  • WSR 23-06-047 | Training for Community Residential Service Businesses (Effective February 24, 2023)
  • WSR 23-05-063 | HCBS Supported Employment and Community Inclusion (Effective February 13, 2023)
  • WSR 22-24-076 | Emergency Transitional Support Services (Effective December 5, 2022)



Permanent Rules

The following permanent rules are currently in effect:

388-71 | Home and community services programs

388-101 | Certified community residential services and supports

388-101D | Requirements for providers of residential services and supports

388-106 | Long-term care services

388-114 | Travel time and work week limitations for individual providers

388-823 | Developmental disabilities administration intake and eligibility determination

388-825 | Developmental disabilities administration service rules

388-826 | Voluntary placement program

388-827 | State supplementary payment program

388-828 | The division of developmental disabilities (DDD) assessment

388-829 | Community residential service business training requirements

388-829A | Alternative living

388-829B | Enhanced Case Management Program

388-829C | Companion homes

388-829R | Overnight planned respite services

388-831 | Community protection program

388-832 | Individual and family services program

388-833 | Community crisis stabilization service program

388-834 | Preadmission screening and resident review (PASRR)

388-835 | ICF/ID program and reimbursement system

388-837 | Residential habilitation center (RHC) ICF/ID program

388-840 | Work programs for residents of residential habilitation centers in the division of developmental disabilities

388-845 | DDA home and community based services waivers

388-850 | County plan for developmental disabilities

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