Background Check System Enhancements

The Background Check System (BCS) went live in June of 2018.  The Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) is committed to continuously improving BCS for its customers.  Below you will find recent enhancements and issues resolved in BCS that impact our customers.


Background Check System
Date Issue Resolved (IR) or Enhancement (E) Description
2/27/2024 Background Check Authorization Form (E) SSNs with the same number repeating, such as 111-11-1111, are no longer accepted as valid.
2/27/2024 BCS Inquiry Statuses (E) The help text for the Status column on the Entity Home page has been updated with an explanation of the various expired statuses.
1/23/2024 Background Check Authorization Form (IR) Alias middle names now display properly on the Background Check Application review page.
1/23/2024 Background Check Authorization Form (E) A link to the video tutorial for the Background Check Application Form has been added to the online form instructions.
1/23/2024 BCS Inquiry Statuses (E) The status for expired inquiries has been reworded to make the reason for expiration clearer.
1/23/2024 BCS User Access Request Form (E)

There is now an electronic version of the User Access Request Form at

11/28/2023 Background Check Authorization Form (IR)

A single trailing space no longer causes a validation error on the online Background Check Authorization Form.

11/28/2023 Fingerprint Appointment Form and Reject Notice (E)

The Idemia URL for scheduling a fingerprint appointment has changed, and the Fingerprint Appointment Packet and Notification of Rejected Fingerprint letter have been updated. The old URL will continue to work until the end of the year.

10/24/2023 User Management (E) The State Employee - RHC Inquiry Type Group may now perform fingerprint background checks.
10/24/2023 Background Check Authorization Form (E)

DC is now listed as “District of Columbia/Washington DC” in BCS for the state dropdowns.

10/24/2023 Background Check Authorization Form (E)

When saving the Background Check Authorization Form the email sent to applicants now says “saved” instead of “submitted”.

8/22/2023 FBI Rap Sheets (IR) The stamp in the footer of FBI rap sheets is now shorter to avoid covering text.
8/22/2023 Background Check Authorization Form (IR)

The Background Check Authorization Form no longer allows signature dates older than 90 days.

8/22/2023 Disqualifying Crimes List (E) The disqualifying crimes list for DSHS agencies has been updated with the addition of “False statements, fraud RCW 74.09.230 (5 or more years)”, “Hate Crime”, “Permitting Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor”, “Theft of a firearm (5 or more years)”, “Trafficking RCW 9A.40.100”, and “Promoting Travel for Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor.
7/25/2023 User Management (IR) Users with View Only roles may archive inquiries with their non-View Only roles.
7/25/2023 Admin System Settings (E) The Background Check Authorization Form page may be put into maintenance mode, preventing new applications from being submitted and displaying a maintenance message.
2/28/2023 User Management (E) When adding an entity user with a email address, BCS will check to see if the user already exists under an alias email address before trying to create a new user. 
2/28/2023 Result Letter (E) The contact info for RCPP findings has been updated to reflect the current RCPP contact. 

f you have any questions regarding BCS, please email us at