Risk Profiles for School Districts

Profiles on Risk and Protection for Substance Abuse Prevention Planning

These data are reported by school district. The indicators include measures of youth substance abuse, other problem youth behaviors, and the individual, family, school and community risk factors that can lead to youth substance abuse. School district reports contain charts and tables comparing the school district with the state, the county and the locale where the district is located. Each report also provides standardized five-year rates for every indicator.

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  • Download a School District report by clicking on the icon for either an Excel or PDF file. If the school district is very small, some school district's data will be suppressed.
Locale School District Download Excel Download PDF County District Population Map
33 Warden 4.53-SD-Warden.xlsx 4.53-SD-Warden.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Warden.pdf research-4.53-SD-Warden.pdf Grant 3980 Click to view map
22 Wapato 4.53-SD-Wapato.xlsx 4.53-SD-Wapato.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Wapato.pdf research-4.53-SD-Wapato.pdf Yakima 14039 Click to view map
27 Walla Walla 4.53-SD-WallaWalla.xlsx 4.53-SD-WallaWalla.xlsx research-4.53-SD-WallaWalla.pdf research-4.53-SD-WallaWalla.pdf Walla Walla 37612 Click to view map
26 Waitsburg 4.53-SD-Waitsburg.xlsx 4.53-SD-Waitsburg.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Waitsburg.pdf research-4.53-SD-Waitsburg.pdf Walla Walla 1556 Click to view map
18 Wahluke 4.53-SD-Wahluke.xlsx 4.53-SD-Wahluke.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Wahluke.pdf research-4.53-SD-Wahluke.pdf Grant 8273 Click to view map
113 Wahkiakum 4.53-SD-Wahkiakum.xlsx 4.53-SD-Wahkiakum.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Wahkiakum.pdf research-4.53-SD-Wahkiakum.pdf Wahkiakum 3149 Click to view map
63 Vashon Island 4.53-SD-VashonIsland.xlsx 4.53-SD-VashonIsland.xlsx research-4.53-SD-VashonIsland.pdf research-4.53-SD-VashonIsland.pdf King 10644 Click to view map
108 Vancouver 4.53-SD-Vancouver.xlsx 4.53-SD-Vancouver.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Vancouver.pdf research-4.53-SD-Vancouver.pdf Clark 142737 Click to view map
10 Valley 4.53-SD-Valley.xlsx 4.53-SD-Valley.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Valley.pdf research-4.53-SD-Valley.pdf Stevens 1411 Click to view map
64 University Place 4.53-SD-UniversityPlace.xlsx 4.53-SD-UniversityPlace.xlsx research-4.53-SD-UniversityPlace.pdf research-4.53-SD-UniversityPlace.pdf Pierce 29025 Click to view map
22 Union Gap 4.53-SD-UnionGap.xlsx 4.53-SD-UnionGap.xlsx research-4.53-SD-UnionGap.pdf research-4.53-SD-UnionGap.pdf Yakima 3441 Click to view map
90 Tumwater 4.53-SD-Tumwater.xlsx 4.53-SD-Tumwater.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Tumwater.pdf research-4.53-SD-Tumwater.pdf Thurston 36567 Click to view map
118 Trout Lake 4.53-SD-TroutLake.xlsx 4.53-SD-TroutLake.xlsx research-4.53-SD-TroutLake.pdf research-4.53-SD-TroutLake.pdf Klickitat 959 Click to view map
114 Toutle Lake 4.53-SD-ToutleLake.xlsx 4.53-SD-ToutleLake.xlsx research-4.53-SD-ToutleLake.pdf research-4.53-SD-ToutleLake.pdf Cowlitz 3348 Click to view map
26 Touchet 4.53-SD-Touchet.xlsx 4.53-SD-Touchet.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Touchet.pdf research-4.53-SD-Touchet.pdf Walla Walla 1120 Click to view map
22 Toppenish 4.53-SD-Toppenish.xlsx 4.53-SD-Toppenish.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Toppenish.pdf research-4.53-SD-Toppenish.pdf Yakima 14501 Click to view map
31 Tonasket 4.53-SD-Tonasket.xlsx 4.53-SD-Tonasket.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Tonasket.pdf research-4.53-SD-Tonasket.pdf Okanogan 6600 Click to view map
95 Toledo 4.53-SD-Toledo.xlsx 4.53-SD-Toledo.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Toledo.pdf research-4.53-SD-Toledo.pdf Lewis 4392 Click to view map
18 Thorp 4.53-SD-Thorp.xlsx 4.53-SD-Thorp.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Thorp.pdf research-4.53-SD-Thorp.pdf Kittitas 1401 Click to view map
93 Tenino 4.53-SD-Tenino.xlsx 4.53-SD-Tenino.xlsx research-4.53-SD-Tenino.pdf research-4.53-SD-Tenino.pdf Thurston 9480 Click to view map