2011 DSHS Employee Survey

Mar 2012 |
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10,289 employees completed the 2011 Employee Survey. They addressed communication, supervisor/manager support, fairness and diversity, job satisfaction, and business practices. The 2011 survey shows the effects of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. The overall survey trend was downward – reflecting uncertainty, pay cuts, reduced resources, and greater client need. This is consistent with an overall drop in scores for all state employees. In the eleven years that the Department of Social and Health Services has conducted agency-wide surveys, there has never been such a dramatic drop in morale and employee engagement. The survey results reflect a workforce increasingly anxious and unsure about the future, worn down by changes and increased workload, feeling left out of important communication, and feeling like they have less “say” in the workplace. However, workers continue to be proud of their contribution to society, and to know what is expected of them. Most employees continue to report fair and respectful treatment, especially from supervisors and co-workers.

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