2017 DSHS Employee Survey

May 2018 |
Online Library

The 2017 survey found widespread increases in employee engagement at DSHS since the last major survey in 2015. Positive responses increased for nearly all survey questions, and again DSHS exceeded the statewide target for the Executive Branch’s “Employer of Choice” measure. Of the 20 standard questions asked in 2015 and 2017, 18 had the highest percentage of positive responses since the current version of the survey began in 2006. The response rate in 2017 was 85%, the highest level of participation since the survey began in 2002. The survey results also show opportunities for positive change, and in some cases, important challenges. Implementation of the Governor Inslee’s “Building a Modern Work Environment” initiative and survey questions about that initiative have sparked much interest and discussion. Many of the opportunities and challenges are specific to Administrations and major units, and are the subject of action planning at every level of the organization. The Employee Survey is an important component of Governor Inslee’s Results Washington initiative for performance management and continuous improvement. Employee Survey results are used as the primary outcome measure for the goal to “Increase Washington as an employer of choice” under Goal 5: Effective, efficient and accountable government.

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