Association between methamphetamine use and retention among patients with opioid use disorders treated with buprenorphine

Feb 2020 | |
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Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Volume 109, February 2020, Pages 80-85

Methamphetamine use is increasing in parts of the U.S., yet its impact on treatment for opioid use disorder is relatively unknown. The study utilized data on 799 adult patients receiving buprenorphine from Washington State Medication Assisted Treatment-Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction program clinics between November 1, 2015 and April 31, 2018. Past 30-day substance use data were collected at baseline and 6-months, as well as date of program discharge. The study found that patients who concurrently used methamphetamine were less likely to be retained in buprenorphine treatment compared to non-users. For persons who were retained, however, methamphetamine use decreased over time.