Children of DOC incarcerated parents use DSHS services at very high rates

Aug 2008 |
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This is the first of a series of analyses prepared to satisfy reporting requirements under E2SHB 1422 which requires the Department of Social and Health Services to gather information and data on the recipients of assistance who are the children and families of inmates incarcerated at department of corrections facilities. The findings represent preliminary analyses from the initial round of matching of DSHS client data, DOC facility data, and birth certificate records. The numbers of children with DOC parents will increase as more sources are added. Future analyses will be refined to include: 1. Information from linkages to data in other systems (for example, school outcomes). 2. Additional information to establish family relationships (for example, support enforcement data). 3. Data over a longer time period that will allow us to look at all children under 18. 4. More information about the timing of incarceration and service events in relation to outcomes for children and families.

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