Research Reports

Cover image for report 4.91
Nov 2014 | 4.91 | Online Library
Washington Court and Recovery Enhancement System Outcome Evaluation
Cover image for report 11.193
Jul 2013 | 11.193 | Online Library
Housing and Medical Assistance as Keys to Reduced Recidivism and Improved Employment Outcomes
Cover image for report 4.89
Jul 2013 | 4.89 | Online Library
Outcomes of Adult Defendants Admitted to Drug Courts Funded by the Washington State Criminal Justice Treatment Account
Cover image for report 11.191
Jun 2013 | 11.191 | Online Library
Housing Status, Criminal Justice Involvement, Health, Mortality, Receipt of Public Assistance, and Employment Outcomes
Cover image for report 9.100
Dec 2010 | 9.100 | Online Library
Medical Care, Behavioral Health, Criminal Justice, and Mortality Outcomes for Disabled Clients Enrolled in Managed Care
Cover image for report 2.23
Oct 2010 | 2.23 | Online Library
A Review of Research and Literature Addressing Evidence-Based and Promising Practices for Gang-Affiliated and Violent Youth in Juvenile Institutions and Detention Centers
Cover image for report 11.132
Sep 2007 | 11.132 | Online Library
The Role of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse