Impact of Homelessness on Youth Recently Released from Juvenile Rehabilitation Facilities

Jun 2013 |
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Housing Status, Criminal Justice Involvement, Health, Mortality, Receipt of Public Assistance, and Employment Outcomes

This report identifies youth released from a Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) institution or community residential facility who experienced homelessness in a 12-month follow-up period and compares them to youth released from JR facilities who did not have an identified housing need in the year following release. Individuals who were 18 years-old or older at the time of release were at greater risk of experiencing homelessness. Relative to youth who did not have identified housing needs, homeless released youth were more likely to be arrested, convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, re-admitted to a JR institution, and receiving JR parole supervision and services. Homeless released youth also had significantly greater behavioral health, medical, and mortality risk.

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